Master of the Ghost Dreaming (Graham Akhurst)

Posted on May 29, 2015 by in Black Wallaby (Ngana Banggarai): Emerging Indigenous Writers' Project

Etching of Laperouse Expedition vessels(Edited by Phillip Hall & Brenda Saunders)


A bloodied sunset reminds us

That ghosts come from the ocean in the dark

They bellow on trumpets

And greedily watch sails flex

Drawing them closer

They leave their dreaming

Or is it there still

Under layers of cloth?

The moon witnesses

Their pale wisps stalking the land

Then the morning calls

The raging sun to bury them back into the shadow




Graham Akhurst studied for a Bachelor of Creative Arts in writing at the University of Queensland and is currently doing his honours. Prior to this he completed an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts where he studied music, and wrote and co-created several performances that were held at QPAC. Graham has been published several times for fiction and poetry. Graham is of Aboriginal descent and hails from the Kokomini tribe in Northern Queensland. He resides in Brisbane.