Red Button is here. Red Button is here to help. Help you find your way around the internet. Actually, that’s an over-promise. What Red Button can do is take you to a mystery place, somewhere out there amongst everything that’s on this World Wide Web of ours. Maybe it’s an essay, a story or poem published here at VL HQ, or even — gasp! — on another eminent online literary journal. Or it might be an author’s website. Or it might be a song. Or it might be a picture…of nothingness. It might be nice and safe, or it might be so dangerous that the authorities, whoever they are, come knocking on our door (did we tell you that we’re now based in a small town south of Darwin, or is it west of Brisbane, or are we holed up in a village in the middle of Tasmania??? — we forget). The point is: press the button and go somewhere good. Or, at least, worthwhile.

Magic Button(How was it for you?)