self-portrait – with wires, city, no clothes (Stu Hatton)

Posted on March 26, 2011 by in Heightened Talk

i am open
and open
and open
(the city, sleepless)

city, be slow with me,
city … slow down …
(i love you)

though back home on my body
hair grows like wild grass

back home in my eye
something quick and approximate

(a snapshot
of the whole perfect whole?)

you asked to see a photo, but
i asked for paper
to write on

am i colour-code wires, ant colony,
wide area network,
landmass seen from airplane window (?)

am i sub-atomic ghost (?)

i am those
and those
and those

(sometimes i
look very familiar)

am i the words

which with use

became unusable (?)

the gap between

inbreath, outbreath (?)

i want to plant lamps

i’m walking around
no armour, no cloak

(i look pretty strange)

i am yes
and yes
and yes

and here
and here

(i’m so glad
you could make it)

* * *

First published in Verandah.