Truth in the Cage


You can find my whole life in my poems, like a letter to God. 
– Mohammad Ali Maleki

Written from within Manus Island’s detention centre, where Mohammad has been incarcerated for the past five years, Truth in the Cage, translated by fellow Manus Island detainee Mansour Shoshtari and edited by Verity La Managing Editor Michele Seminara, is a powerful work of personal and political poetry.

“Mohammad Ali Maleki, along with translator Mansour Shoshtari, present an intimate and lyrical window into their world of exile as political prisoners of Australia. The work is woven with an embodied sense of their poetic and literary heritages, resulting in deeply engaging, contemplative and passionate poems.  Maleki’s direct use of language often opens out into a magical horror – no less real – implicating the reader as much as the poet in a deconstruction and reconstruction of identity. ‘What if the woollen jacket I am wearing unravels / and begins to fall apart?’. Truth in the Cage delivers truths, uncomfortable and often torturous, through a painterly language, providing much-needed clarity in these times of obfuscation and systematic silencing”  – Janet Galbraith, Writing Through Fences

You can read sample poems from Truth in the Cage here.

Translated by Mansour Shoshtari. Edited by Michele Seminara

Chapbook, 24 pages, softcover. Postage: $2 in Australia, $5 international

All profits from the sale of the book go directly to Mohammad. 

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