(Mark William Jackson)

Posted on April 17, 2015 by in Heightened Talk

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(Edited by Stuart Barnes)


once I bought a box of matches

because someone said it was art

but regardless of what you call it

it’s a box of firesticks & its

potential could explode society

I could set fire to the libraries

follow Marinetti’s path or burn

all the boudoirs to silence

Lautrec’s muses should I ignite

a piano to watch the keys of black

& white melt together to kill

the concept of binary opposition

no, I’ll just stare at the box of matches

place it on a pedestal & revere its

form alone but see no practical

application. Maybe it is art.


Mark William Jackson’s work has appeared in various print and electronic journals including; Best Australian Poems 2011, Popshot (UK), Going Down Swinging, Cordite, Rabbit Poetry, Verity La and Tincture Journal. For more information visit http://markwmjackson.com