Increasingly influential.The Sydney Morning Herald

Continues to push boundaries and ask questions.’—Rochford Street Review

‘Verity La is the future of Australian online publishing.’—Paul Hetherington


'Increasingly influential.'The Sydney Morning Herald

'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

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  • BLOODSHOT HEART (Reviewed by Andrew L. Urban)BLOODSHOT HEART (Reviewed by Andrew L. Urban)
    In a world where the difference between reality and fantasy can be hard to discern, Hans, a middle-aged driving instructor, attempts to shake off the manipulative grasp of his Italian ... Read More
  • VERITY LA POETRY PODCAST Episode 13: Jordie AlbistonVERITY LA POETRY PODCAST Episode 13: Jordie Albiston
    JORDIE ALBISTON: In this episode of the Verity La Poetry Podcast, Podcast Producer Alice Allan and Poetry Co-editor Robbie Coburn talk with Jordie Albiston about the relationship between poetry and ... Read More
  • Causes (An Jin)Causes (An Jin)
    Tram Accident tram driver tells me I’m going to die I think about being a mess they can’t get out of the tracks I think about delays on the line ... Read More