'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

'Continues to push boundaries and ask questions.’—The Rochford Street Review

‘Verity La is the future of Australian online publishing.’—Paul Hetherington

'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

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Our Featured Writer

You can read 'manifest' here,
and buy Melinda's books from Pitt Street Poetry.

Melinda Smith

Winner of 
the 2014 Prime Minister's Literary Award
For Poetry

'Melinda Smith writes with exuberance and verve in a variety of forms, old and new. She is personal, opinionated, quirky, and you never know what a poem of hers will do. It is like some firework of unknown make and provenance, spluttering into incandescent life with more than a hint of danger.'– John Whitworth

Melinda Smith's poem 'manifest' responds to several artworks in the Material Poetics exhibition which was shown at ANCA Gallery in Canberra in August - September 2016. 

More information about the exhibition.

BLACK WALLABY (Ngana Banggarai)

Emerging Indigenous Writers' Project

At Ngana Banggarai we seek submissions of poetry by Australia’s First Nations people. We would love you to sing / write / shout in your voice (Language/Kreol/Aboriginal English/Standard Australian English) the poem you want the world to hear.

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