Increasingly influential.The Sydney Morning Herald

Continues to push boundaries and ask questions.’—Rochford Street Review

‘Verity La is the future of Australian online publishing.’—Paul Hetherington


'Increasingly influential.'The Sydney Morning Herald

'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

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  • A Tuesday with Two Heads<br> (Jayne Fenton Keane)A Tuesday with Two Heads<br> (Jayne Fenton Keane)
    Last Letter At arm’s length. A letter in a frying pan. A smoking Dear John. Slap on meat, pour over cognac, watch the veal flare. The next day a doctor ... Read More
  • The nature of loss <br>(Audrey Molloy)The nature of loss <br>(Audrey Molloy)
    Widow-makers, they call your boughs that plunge                    without warning, crush soft bodies beneath.  Yet I know you are not death but grief’s balled fist come down.  For seven years I decompose below your ... Read More
  • MEN OF A TIME AND PLACE: an interview with Nigel FeatherstoneMEN OF A TIME AND PLACE: an interview with Nigel Featherstone
    Nigel Featherstone is a well-known and well-loved writer in the Australian literary community. Author of critically-acclaimed novel, Remnants (Pandanus Books, 2005), three novellas — The Beach Volcano (2014), I’m Ready ... Read More