Increasingly influential.The Sydney Morning Herald

Continues to push boundaries and ask questions.’—Rochford Street Review

‘Verity La is the future of Australian online publishing.’—Paul Hetherington


'Increasingly influential.'The Sydney Morning Herald

'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

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The Vault

  • Triage (Rebecca Jessen)Triage (Rebecca Jessen)
    the kind lady on the end of the line will say this: I have to ask. in the present you wait. yes, I was thirteen, only the one time. yes, ... Read More
  • The Love Scene <br>(Craig Billingham)The Love Scene <br>(Craig Billingham)
    Cameron got out of bed in a manner that would not disturb his wife. He stepped into a pair of flip-flops and put on a blue shirt, the one he’d ... Read More
  • Isolation (Rose Lucas)Isolation (Rose Lucas)
    Isolation makes me nervous                at the edge how will I be             who will I be    without you ... Read More