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Established in 2010, Verity La is an online journal publishing the most exciting writers and artists in the country and abroad. We’re a free-to-read and not-for-profit organisation that runs on the sweat and passion of our twenty volunteer editors.

Our motto is ‘Be Brave’. We focus on providing a platform for new and established, non-mainstream voices. We actively welcome minority voices through a series of specialised publishing streams dedicated to supporting and showcasing the work of emerging First Nations Australia writers, GLTIBQ writers, and writers experiencing mental health issues, diaspora and disability. This is VITAL work in our literary community.

As well as publishing fine fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, interviews and multimedia twice a week, 46 weeks of the year, in 2018 Verity La also established a small digital and print press, further opening up opportunities for Brave Writers. We’ve calculated that all this activity requires a combined 3000 work hours a year — phew!

Paying contributors has always been the priority in Verity La Land, and we’re currently overjoyed to do so via a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. Now we’d also like to thank our editors, who work hard all year to make the magic happen

While they work for love, make no mistake: our editors are experts in their fields and — in the case of our specialised projects — they’ve also got vitally important lived experience in their fields. We simply COULDN’T do the good work we do without them. That’s why we want to say THANK YOU! It’s a small gesture, but we think it’s important. Because even if we can’t pay them fully just yet, it shows that we value their labour, And, we hope that if we support them, they’ll stick around to support our Brave Writers!

So please help us give the Verity La editors something their hearts’ desire this Christmas.

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