Increasingly influential.The Sydney Morning Herald

Continues to push boundaries and ask questions.’—The Rochford Street Review

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'Increasingly influential.'The Sydney Morning Herald

'Increasingly influential.'—The Sydney Morning Herald

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Clozapine Clinic

The Benjamin Frater Project

Verity La presents Clozapine Clinic—The Frater Project. The Clozapine Clinic Project, inspired by the surreal poetry of the late Benjamin Frater, seeks to publish writing that engages with experiences of individual and societal madness, and which highlight the creativity, synchronicity and meaning that can come with such experiences. We aim to support writers with mental health issues who are wanting to HOWL and explore the relationship between creativity and madness. 

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  • The Cherry Picker’s Daughter (Melissa Lucashenko)The Cherry Picker’s Daughter (Melissa Lucashenko)
    A tribute to the late Kerry Reed-Gilbert given by Melissa Lucashenko at the launch of Aunty Kerry’s memoir, The Cherry Picker’s Daughter, at the Avid Reader Bookshop in Brisbane on ... Read More
  • 1,000 (Robin Gow)1,000 (Robin Gow)
    I’ve done the math. 884 is the number of masses I attended between when I was born & when I was 17. If you think about holy days that’s at ... Read More
  • WILDLY HYBRID: an interview with Meera AtkinsonWILDLY HYBRID: an interview with Meera Atkinson
    Meera Atkinson writes across genres — creative nonfiction, memoir, fiction, hybrid, poetry, essays, scholarly, songs — and over the last ten years her work has been particularly focussed on the subject of ... Read More