EMBODY – Ebook


Playful, passionate, exploratory, adventurous…

From birth to sex to death and beyond, we hope this daring selection of poetry and prose, first published as individual pieces on Verity La between 2010-2020, will push and pull and prod its readers to probe their own unique experiences of embodiment…

‘This masterfully curated collection of top-notch poetry and prose contains familiar names and new voices from across the spectrum of contemporary Australian writing. Pieces from different genres are grouped thematically, leading to fascinating juxtapositions. The anthology’s overarching theme of embodiment/the body unifies the whole without restricting it in a way that feels forced … The achievement is a considerable one: the editorial team and authorial talent of the Verity La community are to be congratulated on delivering a 2nd anthology of vividly arresting writing.’ — Melinda Smith

‘Playful, passionate, exploratory, adventurous — exactly what we have come to expect from Verity La, and exactly what the world needs right now.’ — Nigel Featherstone


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Edited by Michele Seminara, Robbie Coburn, and Laura McPhee-Brown

Featuring the writing of Daniel Young, Bronwyn Lovell, Belinda Rule, Robert Adamson, Anne Elvey, Kate Murdoch, Jo Langdon, Ivy Alvarez, Angela Meyer, Andy Jackson, Colin Hambrook, Ben Brooker, Tricia Dearborn, Diane Josefowicz, Rebecca Jessen, Amanda Anastasi, Emmett Stinson, Pete Spence, Justin Lowe, Linda Godfrey, Saddiq Dzukogi, SJ Finn, Yvette Henry Holt, Anthony Lawrence, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Jo Rendle, Shastra Deo, khuld khamis, Nathan Curnow, Craig Billingham, Anna Jacobson, Eileen Chong, Mike Ladd, Emily Riches, Stuart Barnes, Yi Chao Foong, Lucy Dougan, David Thomas Henry Wright, Teena McCarthy, Brenda Saunders, Melanie Saward, Kerri Shying, Julie Maclean, Indigo Perry, Emily Crocker, Autumn Royal, PS Cottier, Anne Casey, David Adès, Krissy Kneen, Jennifer Compton 

Cover image: Lily Mae Martin

Cover design: Alessandro Seminara

Book design: Daniel Young