Definitions of Phone on the Web (Shannon McKeogh)

Posted on April 13, 2011 by in Heightened Talk


He calls her sad

like a heart-beat shiver

cold, damp socks

from walking on the squishy squash of slugs

grudges like the smiles on cigarette packets

tar, yellow-coated rot



she peels off her skin

one button at a time


She search engines her feelings

her soul loose like thread

at the end of her fingertips

she tap-tap taps it away


There was love in the sweet autumn breeze

dancing in swathed cotton sheets

hot air shared in one long

single breath

no time for romance novels when you’re living in one


But now there was just she

and the tap-tap of her fingertips

on the keys of other devices

a hard-drive of memories


She waits for his name to flash up white

on the screen.