We love travel narratives that take us on a journey to new and unfamiliar places, or explore well-known terrain through a fresh perspective. We love stories from voices we don’t often hear, about the places they know well, told in their own way.

We love that any journey, no matter the distance, can be travelled deeply through how it’s seen, felt and described, whether translated to text from a physical experience or from language to language on the page.

We love revelations that would never have happened without being there, at that moment. Going to a new place or revisiting an old one, whether for an hour or the rest of your life, can easily, most likely, change you. Tell us how!

What we’re looking for:
  • Memoir, essays, lyric prose, short stories or a series of vignettes with the theme of travel
  • Work that engages textual translation as travel, challenges the definition of travel writing, or stretches the genre’s boundary
  • The place itself—a Buddhist temple in Phnom Penh, city life in Brussels, the Medina in Marrakech, for example—must be a character
  • Writing from as well as about place, whoever you are and wherever you live
  • Up to 5000 words
  • as ever, be brave

For examples of work published on TWT, visit our Vault.

We accept submissions during the months of February and August.

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Editor: Kathryn Hummel

Kathryn Hummel is a writer, researcher, poet and the author of Poems from Here, The Bangalore Set and the forthcoming chapbook The Body That Holds. Her diverse work has been recognised internationally, appearing in publications including Meanjin, Transnational Literature, Tincture, Cordite, Gulf Times, Himal Southasian, The Letters Page, the anthology How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit? and the acclaimed online journal PopMatters. Awarded the Meanjin/NEC Essay Writing Competition in 1997, Kathryn received a nomination for the Pushcart Prize in 2013 and was listed as a finalist in The Atlas Review’s Open Chapbook Competition in 2016. Kathryn is the founding editor of Friends with Drinks, a website featuring creative responses to drinking and place, developed during a Digital Writer’s Residency with the SA Writers Centre. Based in Australia but inspired by her multicultural and bilingual background to travel, Kathryn has also lived in Bangladesh and India.