The Hunger (Ian McBryde)

Posted on June 1, 2016 by in Heightened Talk


Queen of corollas, borne up
on the deep green roll of foliage.
Your hunger is showing.

One last tremble has opened
your shoulders, bold as a whore.
You are self-betrayed by your

lazy grace, your sullen mouth,
the silken curl of your lip. This
arctic pose becomes you; poised,

motionless, each petal’s delicate,
opaque menace leaking pretty
secrets, instead of a scent.


The sweet uncoiling
of you.  Slither me,
she-scale my face,

leave your quivering
tail on my thigh
as you sleep.  I can

never pray with you,
but wrap around me.
Anacond me.  I will

remain your leanest|
prey, your eternal,
most nocturnal feast.



Ian McBryde (2) 1 (2)

image credit: Nicholas Walton-Healy

XXXXXXXX-born Australian poet Ian McBryde was born in XXXXXX in XXXX. He has had XXXpoetry collections published, among them XXXXXX and XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX, which were short-listed for the XXX XXXX XX XXX XXXX and the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX’X prizes. McBryde has a ‘new and selected’ collection, entitled XX XXX XXXXXXX, coming out later this year from Australia’s XXXXXXXXXXX Press.