The Rattler & other stories

Verity La An editorial-shaped box

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my first collection of stories.

The Rattler & other stories will be published in late October 2011

by Spineless Wonders.



“Spare and taut, sometimes tricky, sometimes shocking, yet always deeply and satisfyingly tender. A great collection.”

Paddy O’Reilly


“A.S. Patric is that rarest of writers- he is absolutely fearless.  His stories take risks, his characters soar and his prose sings.  Be careful.  These stories might cut you.”

Ryan O’Neill


“An explosive mix of muscular prose and sharp originality. In this collection, A. S. Patric proves himself to be a writer who must be taken very seriously.”

Vanessa Gebbie

Short Circuit, A Guide to the Art of the Short Story.