Dangerous Women (Lizz Murphy)

She lays on hands  prays by her child  her only child  bears
forth an unforeseen healing Afterwards  the cure spurned
feared   the mother spurned feared This dangerous woman
abandoned  by her family  stands on a front doorstep  alone

Lizz Murphy has published 12 books. Her seven poetry titles include Portraits and Six Hundred Dollars (PressPress), Walk the Wildly (Picaro Press), Stop Your Cryin (Island) and  Two Lips Went Shopping (Spinifex Press: print & e-book). Lizz’ public art project Poetry: The Indelible Stencil – in partnership with Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) – is gradually coming together. Her awards include the Rosemary Dobson Poetry Prize (co-winner 2011). She lives in Binalong NSW.