Next (Lizz Murphy)

Verity La Heightened Talk

xray 3.1

Spent eggshells What did I buy with
them Google auto-complete says poems
by language
By what else would they be
Restore sight the hollows the eyes sit in
He posts photos of small calves in long
grass and I don’t know how to describe
them star bright in the scrub Shining of
new life and simple instinct Sometimes
what I do next is not the next thing at
all but the thing I did before or before I
never burnt my bra though did you? They
say it’s a misquote Secret ballots killer
blows gender cards prime minister doors
swinging Alas a lass by any name less and
lesser the thread of the narrative caught
on the scratchy nail of the 1950s In the
21st century there are girls a-teeter retro
stilettos holding the hands of men just to
exit a stage or mount a pavement Their
lumpen gait their hammer toes their short
term torsos Hard to shinny up ladders to
reach glass ceilings I wish I was only an old
the embers of my 32B undimming