More Views than Umm Like Everybody (Les Wicks)

Beer Shit has a Facebook page,
877 fans (hits the)
as in followers/aficionados say
oscillating fans are necessary
Bud mud, the brown drown
that some find exhilarating. LOL.

Add it as your friend,
do not nudge
or poke
Beer Shit.

An Event. In a committed relationship.

The sludge tsunami
appearing somewhere under you
tickets are freely available
in white or pattern triple-ply.

This calamity
is celebrity. Notification – anyone
can play like cacky karaoke. Some say
it’s important you don’t eat.

Just drink,
it will come.

The flagrant fog is a conversation piece
for those mornings when one too easily lapses
into seedy silence.

No one votes anymore. We
are all famous, loved
for nothing.

Your bowels shall set you free.
Be emptied
& ready
to begin again.

Les Wicks has been a guest at most of Australia’s literary festivals, toured widely and been published in over 200 newspapers, anthologies and magazine across 12 countries in seven languages. He also runs Meuse press, which focuses on poetry outreach projects.