Green Dream (Joe Dolce)

Not absinthe
or a world without global warming,
the barbiturate Nembutal
illegally imported, mail-order, in perfume boxes
from Mexico, Peru, Bangkok, Beijing,
Tijuana (destination of choice for death tourists)
available from local pet shops
Holy Grail of suicide
the peaceful pill.

Legal in Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Oregon.
Promoted by end-of-life organizations Exit International, Dignitas.
Green-dyed, distinctive colour, to prevent accidental use,
created to euthanize animals.

The drug-of-choice for veterinarians
at four times the rate of general population.
One took her four dogs and two cats
before herself.

Joe dolce

self-portrait, by Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce is a singer, songwriter, composer and poet. Writer and performer of the most successful Australian song in history. His poetry appeared in Best Australian Poems 2015 & 2014. He was shortlisted for both the Newcastle Poetry Prize and Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s Poetry Prize in 2014. Winner of the 25th Launceston Poetry Cup. Published in Meanjin, Monthly, Southerly, Cordite, Canberra Times, Quadrant, Australian Poetry Journal, Overland, Contrappasso, and Antipodes (US). Recipient of the Advance Australia Award. Presently on staff at the Australian Institute of Music teaching Composition, Ensemble, and Personal Tutoring in setting lyrics and poetry to music.