Dear Readers,

Verity La will not be publishing this week as we are working on getting our new website up and running. DID I JUST SAY NEW WEBSITE? Yessiree, a new Verity La website, lovingly handcrafted by the incredible Karen Hughes, will appear before your very eyes next week (fingers crossed and all things going well!)

A huge, HUGE thanks to Karen, who is not only supremely talented but also very patient, holding this technically challenged Managing Editor’s hand throughout the website building process. What she’s created will blow your socks off! Kudos also to our previous designers  New Best Friend, who gifted us our current kick-arse website nearly ten years ago, and have supported us ever since. We’ve taken inspiration from their edgy, rock ‘n’ roll design and endeavoured to make it très 2018. Watch this space!

On this magical new website we will have — GASP — a bookshop, and an actual book or two to sell! Yes folks, Verity La are entering the brave world of print and ebook publishing, kicking off with the beauty you see before you, our bloody incredible first ever ebook anthology, The Hunger. Check out that cover image by Australian photographer John Klyza, the cool cover design by Ramon Loyola, and don’t even get me started on the contents! Again, this bold new development in Verity La Land was only made possible by some top-notch technical assistance, this time by Tincture Journal Managing Ed. Daniel Young, whose response was always ‘Don’t worry, it’s easy’, and who made it appear so. I tell you, that man could whip up an ebook in his sleep! Thank you, Daniel, for the slick and sexy book design, and thanks to my brilliant co-editors Nigel Featherstone and Robbie Coburn, who helped choose and prepare the AMAZING work inside — but more on that next week.

For now, here’s to bidding a warm adieu to the old, and eagerly embracing the new. And — as always — to Being Brave!

Michele Seminara
Managing Editor
on behalf of the Verity La team