Over And Out (For Now)

As the country burns and our arts sector crumbles, Verity La powers (well, maybe limps) to its finish line. How good is Australia, ay? 

But let’s not be downtrodden. When times are tough, people — you know, real people, with beating hearts, not pollies — get creative and get caring. We’ve seen that here at Verity La: our editors have worked all year with unparalleled passion; our tech-team, management and advisory committee have kept us online and on course; our contributors have produced phenomenal work that shifts hearts and stretches minds, and our readers have backed us all the way, cheering us on with heartfelt words of encouragement and even chipping in to our crowdfunding campaign to ensure we can continue publishing next year, despite arts-funding woes.

How good are actual Australians, ay? Our deep thanks to each and every one of you!

2019 was a watershed year for the journal, as we finally got our big girl pants on and became a not-for-profit incorporated association officially known as Verity La INC! And we have some exciting projects coming up next year — our as yet unnamed (but trust us, bloody awesome) Verity La Anthology No.2, edited by Laura McPhee Browne, Robbie Coburn and moi, and two new chapbooks: Grief for Hire by the incredible force that is Alise Blayney, and Spithood by Renaissance woman Teena McCarthy. We’ll be launching all three at the newly formed and completely lush Poetry Salon, Sydney on 5 May. Don’t miss it!

More on that when we return to publishing in Feb, but till then, if you’re feeling creative, don’t forget we’ll be reading subs again next March, and — thanks to our generous supporters and Create NSW — we’ll be paying! Check out our submissions guidelines.

And our friends over at Voices of Women are seeking submissions too: they want short pieces written in first person for their annual writers competition. If chosen, your story will be performed live by trained actors and may be published on Verity La.

How good are the arts, ay? 

But for now, a rest and recharge before the 2020 games begin…

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful holiday. 

Michele Seminara, Managing Editor
on behalf of the seriously awesome Verity La team