Carbon (Jayne Fenton Keane)

He has learned not to ask dangerous questions
in the company of carnivorous flowers.

“The signs are ominous” says the light
in an arithmetic of tossed berries.

Clouds will not keep their promises
All things washed ashore have a backstory.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes
consider your gravity and the flight of a moth.

You are worthy. We are one.
           Arms are heavy
           Legs are heavy
           Arms are warm
           Legs are warm
           Heartbeat is calm and regular
           Breathing is calm and regular
           Abdomen is warm
           Forehead is cool 

hoc est corpus meum
this is my body & I offer it to you.


Jayne Fenton Keane is a poet who has spent 20 years experimenting with literary forms, cultural experiences, science-art collaborations and interdisciplinary research. Her portfolio includes three poetry books, two websites, two multi-media poetry collections, three radio plays, one stage play, and hundreds of publications in journals and anthologies. She has created and managed local, national and international events, festivals and experiences. A recipient of Asialink, Australia Council, Australian High Commission and Arts Queensland grants, she has appeared as a featured reader at festivals in Australia, Finland, the USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Singapore and the UK.