VERITY LA POETRY PODCAST Episode 15: Rebecca Jessen

REBECCA JESSEN: In this episode of the Verity La Poetry Podcast, Podcast Producer Alice Allan talks with Rebecca Jessen about her first collection Ask Me About the Future, out now from UQP. Rebecca and Alice discuss the idea of a ‘queer utopia’ along with issues like where mental health intersects with queerness, visibility, queer elders, socioeconomics and gender. Rebecca reads her poem Triage and shares In the dream by Jenny Johnson, along with ‘I am not myself at all’ from the new collection.  

Listen to the episode here. 

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Podcast producer: Alice Allan

Rebecca Jessen Rebecca Jessen is a timeless boi. a linen daddy. a random shy poet. a sleeping body that remembers desire. a comet trail. a groin anomaly. a body that is a bridge. a moonstruck adolescent. an incomplete list poem. a lesbian, but… Ask Me About the Future (2020) is her second book with University of Queensland Press.