Clytemnestra (Justin Lowe)

gleaming vessels
of fate
the well-lived
the sanctified
the luxury
of a death off-stage
a servant’s scream
from the wings
those parvenus
who don’t
carry wallets
like leaves
from a tree
ruffles their hair
with a sigh
a sigh
passed like champagne
on the waiter’s tray
while light
tinkles everywhere
in the tiny bubbles so busy dying
in the candles
snuffed out later
by invisible hands


Justin Lowe currently resides in a house called ‘Doug’ in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney where he edits poetry blog Bluepepper. His work has appeared in Cordite (Melbourne), Cortland Review (US), The Cafe Review (US), Verity La (Sydney), and Stylus Review (Brisbane). Justin has published seven books, his most recent being The Picketer.