Something In Your Eyes (Kween G)

Artist’s Statement

‘Something in Your Eyes’ is about identifying when someone has been affected by traumatic times. A rise of consciousness is needed in order to identify and recognise our connection to humanity. I was inspired by how humanity, as a whole, responded to the global pandemic crisis while still dealing with so many other unsolved injustices. The eyes never lie; trauma lives in the eyes, you can recognise someone’s trauma when you look. This video depicts me in my natural surroundings — it uses real footage of my sisterhood to represent empowering and holding space for one another.

Kween G Kibone started her career with the explosive Hip Hop outfit KillaQueenz. As an artist, MC, community advocate and curator, her commitment to her own artistry and to supporting emerging artists is formidable. She is an experienced cross-cultural communicator and facilitator and is in demand to host and contribute to large scale events such as the Sydney Festival, Africulture Festival, the Marrickville Festival, and Women’s Scream International Poetry Festival. She is a strong advocate for inclusion, social justice, human rights and women’s representation within the music industry and currently sits on the advisory panel of the Australian Women in Music Awards. Find more from Kween on her website.