Ridley Scott’s Alien with Moth (Benjamin Dodds)

Posted on September 11, 2015 by in Heightened Talk

ride                                                    arrowhead
          slide across massive faces
   and hideous         limbs 
             preen on white            upholstered 
                      disappear              into 
                                                            measureless space 
                                                            during widescreen 
                                                            establishing shots

      noiseless    grey    invader
observe         this late  1970s future
         in which astronaut miners
      foul rare air
  with absurd cigarettes
            (we patiently await
         NASA’s smoking phase)

give in to unassailable      attraction
   hold fast to strobing brightness
                     and ride roughshod
over bright smothering nightmare
                 until slow credits
trigger                                       houselight-rise


Benjamin Dodds is the author of Regulator (Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, 2014). His work has appeared in Best Australian Poems 2014, Antipodes: Poetic ResponsesStars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry, and on Radio National’s Poetica program.