Shank’s Mare (Shane Jesse Christmass)

O boring dudes
step away from the bar &
let the rest of us get
to the Brandy
Stop holding aloof over
the full ashtray
Fuck off you fops, rise
me my intelligence
so you can’t brain me so
sluggish; dry skin, acne, blackheads
like a Syrian parchment
don’t hold our nuts to be ransomed
If our ears are so heavenly, they be
like cherry trees
If you can’t under-execute what
you wish to say
open the curtains
turn on the air conditioner & make
through with the sun to bone
us thoroughly by
O boring dudes let us
stream R&B over the internet
like a tepid heart of rock, no less
the milk twined like rope around
our ears
If your Y-fronts are as whitened
as watered silk
why are you even in my place of drinking?
go back to the suburbs, get behind your
lofty, smooth-walled castle
pleasure yourself!
Get on the horse of ten toes & leave!