Observance (Anne Casey)

To stand naked on cold stone
Emptied cups cascading

Past unblinded eyes
As hands and feet are washed

Within a sea concentric circles pooled
As beneath the welling surface

A square of light appears
A window into that other place

Where they have gone before us
And between the here and there

A chasm unfolds, a great grey void
Filled not with dark or light

Not with a weighting
For the passage

For taken or granted
Given or received

Arrival or departure
Gain or loss

But with the infinite possibilities
Of the here and now


Listen to Anne Casey read & discuss her poetry with Anna Forsyth from Girls on Key

Anne Casey is an Irish-Australian poet, writer and literary editor with work widely published internationally – in newspapers, magazines, journals, anthologies, podcasts, broadcasts, videos, music albums, a stage show and an international art exhibition. She is author of where the lost things go poetry collection (Salmon Poetry 2017). Anne’s writing and poetry rank in The Irish Times newspaper’s Most-Read. She has won or been shortlisted for poetry awards in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. Over a twenty-five year career, Anne has worked as a business journalist, magazine editor, media communications director and legal author. Find her on Twitter @1annecasey and on her website at anne-casey.com.