At Arms’ Length (Ceinwen Hall)

Verity La Arrests of Attention

Girl Child 3 (Vertical Hang) (1)

Artist’s Statement:

Though Hall treats her subject with apparent frankness through her realistic style and the use of photographs on which she bases her paintings, the images retain a considerable degree of ambiguity. Anger is expressed through this ambiguity, a seemingly defiant refusal to be seen openly. This series of paintings contributes to a discussion of the portrayal of mental illness in our society. It is a discussion we would often prefer to keep at arms’ length.


FB_IMG_1457411649191Ceinwen Hall is an Australian emerging figurative artist. Ceinwen studied painting at the National Art School in Sydney and is currently undertaking a Master of Art Therapy. She works primarily in oil paint and her work is highly conceptual; often considered for months before she commences painting. Major themes in her work include issues such as feminism, environmental concerns and mental illness.

Ceinwen was born in Dubbo, NSW. She moved to Sydney from the Southern Highlands in 2010 to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School. She then spent time in the remote community of Borroloola in the Gulf of Carpentaria, NT where she worked closely with the elders at Waralungku Arts Centre. Ceinwen has been adopted into Gudanji community and is proud of supporting Aboriginal art and culture as well as sharing what knowledge was imparted to her to keep Gudanji culture strong.