The Immortals (Jenny Pollak)

Artist’s Statement

This video poem is a work that began as an immersive sculptural installation comprised of three video projections falling across the floor, walls and ceiling of the Manly Art Gallery and Museum in Sydney.

The central and major component of the work is an epic poem I wrote which imagines the ultimate demise of human civilisation as part of a natural and inevitable evolutionary cycle — a future in which we, by virtue of our recycled atoms, continue to have a stake.

Jenny Pollak has been a full time artist for most of her life, focusing her arts practice in photography, sculpture and video installation. In 2012 she began a poetry practice and has since been shortlisted for various poetry prizes, including the ACU Poetry prize, the Adrien Abbott Prize, the NUW Fair Australia Prize, the Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Award, the Bridport Poetry Prize, the Dermot Healey Poetry Prize, the Fish Poetry Prize, and the O’bheal Five Words Poetry Prize. In 2013 she was placed third in the inaugural ACU Poetry Prize, and in 2015 and 2016 (respectively) she won the Yeats Poetry Prize and the Bruce Dawe Poetry Prize. Her poetry has been published in Meanjin, Cordite, the Australian Poetry Journal, the Stilts journal, and various anthologies, including the Grieve Anthology, Australian Love Poems (Inkermann & Blunt), and Australian Award Winning Writing 2017. A collaboration with the UK poet Philip Gross resulted in the publication of Shadowplay (a 62 stanza poem) by Flarestack Poets (UK) in 2018. To see more from Jenny visit her website