VERITY LA POETRY PODCAST Episode 13: Jordie Albiston

JORDIE ALBISTON: In this episode of the Verity La Poetry Podcast, Podcast Producer Alice Allan and Poetry Co-editor Robbie Coburn talk with Jordie Albiston about the relationship between poetry and mathematics, the place of mathematical poetry in Australia, and the role of writing courses in a poet’s development. Jordie also discusses her poem cobalt, which will be included in her next collection Element: The Atomic Weight and Radius of Love (forthcoming from Puncher & Wattmann), and reads Don Paterson’s poem Luing

Listen to the episode here. 

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Podcast producer: Alice Allan

Jordie Albiston has published thirteen poetry collections and a handbook on poetic form.

Albiston possesses an ongoing pre-occupation with mathematical constructs and constraints, and the possibilities offered in terms of poetic structure. Her work has won many awards, including the Mary Gilmore Award and the 2010 NSW Premier’s Prize. She lives in Melbourne.