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Forum Question: A New Archaeology

Quite possibly we are seeing the beginning of something that will inexorably alter the way in which we absorb the written word. Quite possibly we will see less and less text based forms of the narrative type as the century matures. Quite possibly we have reached the upper most curve, the crest of the wave of the novel as we know it. Who can predict such things as these?
If there is, however, to be something of the old, something of the recognisable left in 100 years then it will be because of the power of stories.
I’ve just purchased my first ebook devise. Books appear on it with less fuss and certainly no colour, but still the ease of the novel, the dopamine a narrative sets off in my frontal lobe, is undeniable no matter the form in which it is delivered. Crafted, honed, developed and woven together, fiction brings absorption with very little effort.
The blog, of course, has other attributes: the throbbing pulse of an interactive style, the menace and elucidation of the immediate and current, the sharpness of its opinion.
A new archaeology? Perhaps! Certainly an artefact no matter the inevitable forward march we’re a part of in the literary world.
But before we’re too hasty, central to our connection with one another is not the ‘day to day’ – an odd thing given that’s how we experience life – but resides more in the exposition of the morals and values by which we live and die, by which we survive and interact and it is these we will want to see reflected in our art and in our discourse.

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