Incoherence (Gemma White)

Tonight, I’m having
you over for dinner.

I’ll be licking the storms
from your mind like

(You can thank me
later). I’ll be exactly where
I always am, dripping off the top
of your dirty counter. Sniffing up its stains,
The Human Vacuum Cleaner. This one tastes
of coffee, of cocaine, of love, of incoherence. This one moves
like velvet. Becomes murky like oil paint, doesn’t come when called.

Annoys me constantly,
this one. (I think
I love it).


Gemma White knows about poetry. This is because she has written and studied it since 2003. She studied at the University of Melbourne and the University of Edinburgh. She studied other kinds of writing too – plays, short stories, etc. But poetry has been her favourite due to its brevity.