servant elitism2 (Lachlan Brown)

coal seems
to be
an economic
formality but
it’s just
charred paradigm
the pogram
gift figit fight
if it bleeds
we can
sell it
as china
tries to avoid
the asian century
we had to have
your morality
subsidises this
flagship capital
deploys how
to vote cards
bright deceit
meaning it’s
ok it’s not ok
note the
tender process
your hands
ballot boxes
i.e. the origami
of democratic
targets like
drone strikes
armed with
a politician’s

Lachlan Brown grew up in Macquarie Fields in Sydney. He now teaches at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. Lachlan’s first book of poetry, Limited Cities, was published by Giramondo in 2012. His poems have appeared in journals like Southerly, Mascara, Rabbit and Etchings.