PS COTTIER: Podcast Producer Alice Allan and Managing Editor Michele Seminara get straight into it with Canberra-based poet PS Cottier. Does entering and judging literary competitions put you on a special level of Dante’s Inferno? Is there a hierarchy of poets and poetry? And why do so many poets succumb to writing ‘misty cow poetry’?

Penelope reads her poem from Plumwood Mountain, Reading the Frog Economy, along with Denise Levertov’s To Live in the Mercy of God, and her own poem published on Verity La, All the blond Jesuses. We end with a recommendation for Samuel Wagan-Watson’s Smoke Encrypted Whispers, and grapple with a definition of speculative poetry (and whether snobbery exists around it).

And if that ain’t enough, you can go here to enjoy more of the poems and reviews Penelope has published on Verity La, plus, read a rather intriguing interview

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lushpup_140304__web-2-1P.S. Cottier is a poet, anthologist and writer who lives in Canberra.  She wrote a PhD at ANU on animal imagery in the works of Charles Dickens, and co-edited The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry. Her latest publication is a chapbook called Quick Bright Things: Poems of Fantasy and Myth. Her blog as is updated with a new poem nearly every Tuesday, and she even reads poems in public.