Ta Da! We Present Verity La Mark II

Dear readers, we’re back — with Verity La mark II! She’s shiny and new but still full of all the original goodness from our previous site, and them some. Take the time to click around and explore our spiffy new digs. We’d particularly like to direct your attention to our two new publishing streams: Slot Machine (for spoken word and performative text) curated by the inimitable David Stavanger, and Rogue State (for bold nonfiction) edited by the erudite Kathryn Hummel. In fact, why not check out all our submissions guidelines because we’ll be reading subs in August, and you’ll need time to get your words in a row. Remember, we pay $100 per published piece (woohoo!) thanks to support from Australia Council for the Arts. 

We’d also love it if you’d swing by our bookshop and pick up a copy of The Hunger, our inaugural ebook anthology comprised of some of the best writing we’ve published from 2010-2016. She’s a doozy — check out the names on that contributors list! All profits from sales of The Hunger go directly into keeping the journal ticking along, so if you love what we do, buying a copy’s win/win!

And if you’re in Sydney (or even if you’re not) we’d love it if you could help us welcome our monstrous baby into the world on July 17 at The Sydney Poetry Lounge. There’ll be live readings from ebook contributors, plus an open mic filled with as many writers whose work has appeared in the journal as possible. If you’re keen to lock a performance spot in, drop us a line at editor@verityla.com. Or just come along to say Hi and have a Verity good ‘ole time! 

But for now, it’s business as usual in Verity La Land, with our regular Tuesday and Friday publishing schedule resuming next. If you’d like to receive posts free to your inbox (and let’s face it, what literature lover wouldn’t?) just enter your email into the big red subscribe box on our homepage; as a bonus, you’ll receive a free sample of The Hunger — what’s not to love? (Please note: if you were subscribed to receive posts from our previous website, chances are you’ve fallen off our list. So give us your details one more time and we promise to take special care of them.) 

That’s it for now! The only thing left is to extend a HUGE thanks to the brilliant Karen Hughes for designing this damn sexy website, and to Daniel Young and Ramon Loyola for creating The Hunger and its cover respectively. What would this technically challenged editor do without you? 


Michele Seminara, Managing Editor
On behalf of the phenomenal Verity La team

PS: As you scout around you may notice a few formatting irregularities, especially with some of the poetry (always the poetry!) This was unavoidable when transferring eight years of material over from our very old site. But we’re onto it and will soon have everything sparkly and new. 🙂