Climb Every Mountain! Adios 2018

2018, you’ve been a year of mountains, valleys, and steep learning curves. The journal has achieved some exhilarating highs — such as the birth of our new website (bless you grand webmaster Karen Hughes!) and a brave foray into print and ebook publishing — as well as some challenging lows, by far the worst being the death of our dear friend and editor, Ramon Loyola

Throughout it all, we’ve pulled together as a team — not just a team of editors, but of loyal readers and contributors, who’ve cheered us on at every step and supported us through the tough times. We’re not sure how it’s normally done in Lit Mag Land (being starry-eyed newbs for the most part) but we reckon Verity La has something pretty special going on.  

SO THANK YOU ALL for being part of it! We simply couldn’t do it without you. And if, by any chance, you’d like to Thank the Editors (who volunteer all year for love of literature!) you’ve got until Sunday 23 December to help us put a little something under the Verity La tree. Visit the Australian Cultural Fund to Donate (tax deductible!) or check out our Crowdfunding Page to see who’s already lent their support and view messages from our editors. They’re truly a special bunch of talented people.

We’ll be taking a break from now until 5 Feb to rest and renew (which for this editor means a beach + book!) Our next Submissions period begins March 1, so polish up your gems and send them in. We’re grateful to again be able to pay contributors in 2019 $100 for their work via a grant from Australia Council for the Arts. See our Submissions Guidelines for more info. 

In the meantime, take care, enjoy, and cherish one another — after all, what else really matters?

Michele Seminara
Managing Editor
On Behalf of the Verity La Team