Seeking (Brooke Scobie)

(Edited by Brenda Saunders)

Here baby girl have this
this big important thing
this unmeasurable by time
life swallowing
warmed by the ancient sun

This hidden by lightness of twin
taken when you’re only ten
unnamed unmarked grave
mountain-sized significant
no shortcuts

Hold out your heart for this
buckle at the knees
cry in the pages
tongue folding    origami worded
dead river veined

Bleed your desperation for this
over my tight gripped shame
taken to the grave
misspelt fake name giving
gubba paper cuts

Hold it cause I couldn’t
cause they took it
cause we ain’t dead yet
even if I am


Brooke Scobie is a Bundjalung woman, emerging writer and seasoned community worker. Born and raised on Bidjigal country, and now living on Darkinjung land. She’s a single mum currently finishing up a Diploma of Creative and Indigenous writing, whilst working in a relationships-focused NGO.