Yes, we need you. And your financial support. Verity La was established in 2010 as a writer-run initiative. We publish some of the best writers in the country, alongside many new and exciting voices. All those involved volunteer their time because they’re committed to Verity La’s core mission: maximising a diversity of literary voices in […]

Heightened Talk

INsects (Anna Spargo-Ryan)

On  windy  days  she  went back to the building to find the shreds of skin he had left there. She caught the elevator to the  top  floor.  It  swagged  in  the  bluster, north to south with the crosswind,  and  so did she. Sometimes the room was  packed  with  people,  an  ant  colony  contained in  a […]

Verity La Poetry Podcast

Episode 3: PS Cottier

Alice and Michele get straight into it with Canberra-based poet PS Cottier. Does entering and judging literary competitions put you on a special level of Dante’s Inferno? Is there a hierarchy of poets and poetry? And why do so many poets succumb to writing ‘misty cow poetry’? Penelope reads her poem from Plumwood Mountain, Reading the Frog […]

Heightened Talk

The Incandescent (Chris Lynch)

And you. When you saunter in, glowing like a tomboy, blue as a blowtorch and blazing. Made of glass you would shatter, but born of fire you can burn, like some fierce feathered creature gently pouring some wine. Standing this close I can feel all your doubts. Am with you, through them. Let my loose […]

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