Panache and Bravado and Extraordinary Luminosity: Omar Musa’s Parang and Judy Johnson’s Stone, Scar, Air, Water

Review by Lucy Alexander It’s striking that the works of hip-hop artist and Australian Poetry Slam champion Omar Musa and prize-winning contemporary poet and novelist Judy Johnson reflect so well against one another. Where Musa’s work cuts an edge with a sharp slick blade – the parang’s many uses rolled about in Musa’s clear and […]

Heightened Talk

Visitors (Tony Walton)

They come for you- in old fashioned hats, from where you don’t know, to fuck you hard against every wall you’ve built up.   They know how to pick all your locks, break through your firewall, blocking all exits.   Out of mirrors in small rooms with flickering televisions they stare into your flatness outlined […]

Heightened Talk

My own private apocalypse
(Oliver Driscoll)

I start with the irises. My sister-in-law was here on the weekend and called them chrysanthemums but she did not explain why. Later I eradicate the years between 1768 and 1968 so as to allow Goya and Primo Levi to converse. I eradicate France to simplify their union. The combined rubble of the eradicated two […]

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Change and Damage Beyond Belief: Judith Wright's
The Coral Battleground

Review by Tristan Foster Let’s talk, briefly, about fights. Humans love a fight – fighting is among the first things we do: the fight for breath, for attention, the fight to be heard so that we can be fed. And it doesn’t stop in childhood – we continue fighting for things we don’t have or […]

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