Langkawi airport (Amy Hilhorst)

On the wall at gate 4 a Malaysian flag hangs sideways, lower rod displaced and scrunched at the bottom, where the stripes stretch furthest from the star. Couples compare passport stamps, tanned hands leaf boarding passes. A child, five or six, sits in a pram, atop his uncomplaining younger brother. The air is cool, clinical; […]

Lies To Live By

Urban Alphabet (Kristen Roberts)

A is for ‘orses. And cows. But there aren’t any horses or cows around here, so people use it to mulch their flower beds instead. B is for honey. Not that creamed crap, just the proper stuff that dribbles through your crumpet. C is for understanding what’s going on around you, not just looking, you […]

Heightened Talk


With the open eave  of  her scarf  she  catches  the  tree snags blue winter  Skylight ceiling  of  criss and cross  In  the naming of them colours empty of themselves  is  this  a quote she no longer knows Straight  off  pavement licked  lyrics  you  are  the outlaw you split dawn   shoot   footloose   tread […]


Days of Wine and Bruises
(Justin Lowe)

God Drinks at the Sandringham (from From Church to Alice, 1996) He usually comes to sit by me in the grainy light of 4 o’clock He will often sit on His hands He is kind but nervous I don’t think He has very much money His conversation is minimal He likes to sit like pity in […]

from the vault

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