The Gentle Art of Releasing (Janette Dadd)

(Edited by Alise Blayney & Tim Heffernan) Bones                       You’re in my dreams now. I can’t get rid of you. ​​​​Your smell lingers on my nostril hair. After seventeen weeks ​​​​it was mostly bones the fisherman found — ​​​​bones visited by scavengers. At night I breathe you in […]

Heightened Talk

Tom’s Lagoon (Louis Armand)

1. Teeth in a jar, corks screwed to arthritic fists. A ten-mile stretch of frozen sky reflected in it. They stoop there, anchored, boy & old man pocketing scrap from the condemned lot. It’s not what was promised, but there’s a pattern in it: an interior surface gazetting the solemn high reverence of the late […]

Out of Limbo

Paper Riddles (Lindsey Danis)

(Edited by Callie Doyle-Scott) Freshman year of high school, someone hands me a note and a piece of candy. I eat the candy but puzzle over the note. Really it’s a series of numbers. It doesn’t make any sense. This is how Chris comes into my life: on paper, in riddles. We attend an elite […]

Heightened Talk

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal (Gayelene Carbis)

Lessons On Life From My Sister In First Year I just want to enjoy things I don’t want to think about them. don’t you do anything for fun you can’t help yourself you have to deconstruct everything. you have to talk about the ultimate meaning of everything you can’t just watch something and enjoy it. […]

from the vault

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