Earth Apples of Modern Love and Mushrooms (Julie Maclean)

after Marina Abramovic at MOMA They are lying again about Putin’s hacking I return to tears rolling face to face hungry for the strange one to look deep for longer than an orgasm At midday in my dressing gown he looks bemused as if I should be scrubbing the floor or peeling potatoes or making […]

Heightened Talk

Parentheses (Shastra Deo)

stitch our disunion into the gutshot —split my belly, suture. spare me your hand and bandage. kneel: your thighs bracket my hips as you etymologise me. anatomy of my father in the skin around my eyes. night-bathed I want no light but stars and fire; bloodletter, you only take me after dark. needle your semantics […]

Lies To Live By

The Health Inspectors – Part One
(Anthony Macris)

(from an untitled novel in progress) He lies on the worn lino of the living room floor, waiting for his favourite TV show to begin. The room is dark; he has turned off the light so he can feel like he’s at the movies. Stretched out on his back, propped up by a couple of […]

Lies To Live By

Canjeera (Deb Wain)

The house is early-morning quiet when Khadro wakes. Light leaks into the room; the moon glows through the poorly curtained window. Nightmares of her past have followed her across borders, along dirt roads, into tented settlements. They have found her in this house—notable only for being one of a string that look alike. There are […]

from the vault

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