Bivouac (Charlotte Guest)

The terms of our arrangement are revised every three days. You trace my bones, protruding through my skin, as we recap the clauses, their causes, and intended effects. Let’s press together the bodies we live in, and, in doing so, express a great deal. Let’s let in a modicum of wildness. Let’s select for each […]


VALENTINE’S DAY STARS 2017! (Rachael Nielsen)

The world is on the edge of great catastrophe; Trump and Colonial xenophobia have already come after many, and though it is a time to pull closer to love and intersectional solidarity, let’s not overlook the vast importance of celebrating commercial, heteronormative expressions of class-based solvency. For tis the season for female-read* people to be […]

Discoursing Diaspora

Exodus (David Adès)

You hold a catacomb of memories. I wait outside your door to catch fragments. How much can any of us know of what preceded? We interrogate doors we cannot pass through, look at shadows through keyholes. * Can I trace the path of your flight from Egypt in the old grainy black and white photographs […]

Lighthouse Yarns


Lucy Treloar was born in Malaysia and educated in Melbourne, England and Sweden. A graduate of the University of Melbourne and RMIT, Lucy is a writer and editor who has plied her trades in both Australia and Cambodia, where she lived for several years. Her abiding love for Southeast Asia is evident in her editing […]

from the vault

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