Not the 3:30pm Nightly News! (Robin Reich)

There’s been a massive sell-off overnight in hectopascals, with community profit-takers acknowledging that the boys did good. The meanings of specific words have been reversed, precipitating a quest for a cure that mother Earth has hitherto withheld on account of recently introduced legislation. Fear has been replaced by hope, and love for others has been […]

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Maintaining the Strange Fire: David Stavanger’s The Special and Rob Walker’s tropeland

Review by Lucy Alexander David Stavanger is also Ghostboy… or Ghostboy is also David Stavanger — whichever way you like to approach it, they are both responsible for the poems in The Special. This cleft in the authorship provides a way to approach poems that writhe with memory, stop to caress madness, celebrate knotted ambiguity […]

Heightened Talk

balloons (Rose Hunter)

like balloons, we were way up there then gone. it was not incremental. that first night (or was it              second) any case, tacos de pastor and tell me about yourself; there was no way i could answer that question, phrased that way              ask me instead about cilantro or what green means. and how you could […]

Heightened Talk

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Dating App (D. Gilson)

In God we trust, all others send data. No fatties, no femmes. Dick pics? Can you host? Can you bottom? Can you get into roleplay? Sodom & Gomorra? Teacher & Student? Doctor? Patience, it could be fun. Networking. Looking for friends. Here’s a selfie in my Mercedes-Benz. President: John Wayne Gacy Fan Club. Seeking Granddaddy: Fixodent, […]

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