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More Views than Umm Like Everybody (Les Wicks)

Beer Shit has a Facebook page, 877 fans (hits the) as in followers/aficionados say oscillating fans are necessary Bud mud, the brown drown that some find exhilarating. LOL. Add it as your friend, do not nudge or poke Beer Shit. An Event. In a committed relationship. The sludge tsunami appearing somewhere under you tickets are […]

TWT (Travel Write Travel)

'From What I've Read So Far Of Yours, It Sounds Like Every Man In Macedonia Hit On You.'
(Tamara Lazaroff)

Don’t get me started about the Macedonian Poetry Festival. Put it this way. If it’s a sex fest that you want, and you look like you might be a woman, then go to the Macedonian Poetry Festival. Put it in your calendars. It’s in August every year. Then again, if it’s actually poetry that you […]

Heightened Talk

hey smooth cowgirl
(Elizabeth Allen)

for Jess I understand your independent grandeur my lonesome friend so drink a whiskey river of cloudless beauty wander in love dust see the rugged moon & ride me raw like a rough individual on top try it believe my song wily world cowboys blow open night steer her clean palate and live in the […]

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