How to Knit a Human
(Anna Jacobson)

Cravings I don’t wear a watch in hospital. I count time by meals. A nurse hands me a Milky Way bar after ECT. I hold it in my lap; look at the wrapper with its stars and swirls. My wheelchair zooms down corridors back to the ward. ‘I can walk’ I say. ‘This way will […]

Book Extracts, TWT (Travel Write Translation)

(Amanda Hickey)

 (Edited by Kathryn Hummel) Your own eyes are king. —Estonian Proverb               Sydney, 1991 I looked for her first in the garden where she would often be working—planting, weeding or watering. This time I found her in her little sewing room. It was a sun-trap with windows on three sides flooded with light. Perfect for finding […]

Book Extracts

The Lumen Seed (Judith Crispin)

The Lumen Seed opens onto an apocalyptic scene. A hardwood mulga tree, reaching for the sky, holds a placard: “The Lord’s Return is Near”. In Coober Pedy, a curved handmade house rendered in warm mid-tones is edged with the sign “Welcome to Nowhere”. Dusty desert roadscapes unfold into the giant sacred stones of Karlu Karlu. […]

Heightened Talk

Trees Without Passports
(Mark O’Flynn)

Between two palm trees thick with starlings the horizon flattens the waves beneath the sea’s heavy rag. Here before we were, the ocean runs downhill from the perpendicular of one trunk to its partner. Like me, the rough exterior keeping balloons and children off with a thorny I-told-you-so. Raffia fronds hang from the crowns exhausted […]

from the vault

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