The Warlock (Robert Feeney)

. 1 It is 8:14 again. The alarm claws its way out of the chalkboard box in your head. You make a mental note to change the settings to a softer tone later. For now, your energies are devoted towards restarting your senses. The light tapping on the windowpane turns out to be rain, so […]

Heightened Talk

Perhaps the Adventure
(Les Wicks)

or maybe just the thrushes, their pecks. Paris, 1940. Les Boches have lined up our Gauloises & shot them. Plus the internet hasn’t even been invented. Klaus thinks Feminism is all about the Jews. Who said monstrosity can’t be flexible – those Aufseherinnen – given a real job by clueless men but Women in Uniforms, […]

Heightened Talk

The Picketer (Justin Lowe)

I am told there’s been trouble at the plant. they tell me this with that strange mixture of fear and relish so characteristic of the beaten. I am at a loss as to why they come to me, but they seem to seek me out, as though they regarded me as some sort of bridge. […]

Clozapine Clinic — The Frater Project

The Suit (Gabrielle Everall)

(Clozapine Clinic: edited by Tim Heffernan & Alise Blayney)  When she sees people working, she feels like an asshole. She thinks of the construction workers and how hard their job is, but she doesn’t like it when they make sexist remarks from high above, extra-terrestrial in their towers. She is worse than Gogol’s Akaky Akakievich. […]

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