Irradiate Me (Bruce Saunders)

(Clozapine Clinic: edited by Tim Heffernan & Alise Blayney) 20:20 My world is controlled By numbers I see them everywhere Like some numerologist Or lost mathematician Descartes with his planar thought I’m on the z-axis But I have no scene for to play A part Just an axiom of rhetorical Penchant’s doing I’m mooing And […]

Heightened Talk

Forecast (Jamie Alcock)

I am under the silence of a silent migraine yet before me are seas of blessed days. click. In the future eagles nest in cardboard boxes and women and children share the sky. click. An artist paints a picture of a girl being raped and spends three years crying. click. He suffers from double vision […]

Verity La Reviews

Digesting Grief: Krissy Kneen’s Eating My Grandmother: a grief cycle

(edited by Robyn Cadwallader) In Krissy Kneen’s 2009 memoir Affection, her grandmother Dragitsa Marusic (aka Lotty Kneen) was introduced as the family’s best storyteller, and as a person who did a lot of cooking. A woman whose precise cultural heritage remained mysterious even to her immediate family, Dragitsa could reliably be found in her kitchen […]

Heightened Talk

Rabbit on the Promenade
(Ariel Riveros Pavez)

Rabbit on the Promenade in homage to JS Harry Umwelt of responses and in the substrates below a silt of muted action. There are inaudible gasps bouncing in echo chambers from delicate atria to delicate atria in a soundproof dugout which pre-empts any sour acoustic. This is my skittish rabbit’s heart which hops softly so […]

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