The Anchoress 
(Robyn Cadwallader)

I had always wanted to be a jongleur, to leap from the shoulders of another, to fly and tumble, to dare myself in thin air with nothing but my arms and legs to land me safely on the ground. An acrobat is not a bird, but it is the closest a person can come to […]

Heightened Talk

Bit By Bloody Bit (David Ades )

Bitten once                                             bitten a second time I averted my face                                   turned my cheek in time for […]

Lies To Live By

The Family Files
(Rebecca Jessen)

The Magic Mile We lived at the end of the magic mile, bordering a dense forest of trees; if you ended up at the Sizzler, you’d gone too far. Lansdowne Caravan Park was a refuge for all the kinds of people you’d expect to find in such a place. There were a lot of people […]

Heightened Talk

Three Poems for Ariel
(Justin Lowe)

Parvenu like all self-made men I carry the hallmark of earlier experiments. cavernous days, ghosts rattling their chains in my pocket, the haunted smile of a man caught rifling through bins. as you may have noticed the frown of the autodidact hovers somewhere between a tattoo and a scar, a strange bird sat on its […]

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