Flesh Memory (Elisabeth Murray)

(Edited by Michelle McLaren) Her skin crawled with sweat. She gathered her shirt and let the hot air seethe up her spine, to her bra, to her lymph nodes, where the doctor had prodded and she had winced at the cold hands, the prick of a manicure. She leaned over the doormat, hands on the brick, […]

Discoursing Diaspora

The Bridge I Must Walk Across (David Adès)

The Bridge I Must Walk Across Is this what it means to be lost? Stuck inside my skin — unable to shed it, unable to grow another — I am between desolations: between the man I have been and the man I must become. My life’s stories are in flames, becoming black smoke, ascending. Who […]

Heightened Talk

Breaking News (Justin Lowe)

there had been no end of rumours of a coup. plates kept clattering in the palace kitchen, the linen-beaters worked strange hours, people began to talk of a giant stalking the city at night, its rhythmic footfalls lulling the dogs to sleep. the linen would then be folded and heaped in a cart that left […]

Lies To Live By

Easily the Hardest Thing
(Jane Downing)

Was there any normal anymore? The others in the waiting room were at either end of a spectrum, tottering on an unfair seesaw between the obese and anorexic. The woman opposite Belinda had shoulders like a wire coat hanger and cheekbones like hooks. The man to her right looked like he had a large pet […]

from the vault

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