an interview with Sara Dowse

Sara Dowse is a prize-winning Australian novelist and reviewer. Born in Chicago, Dowse grew up in Hollywood, the daughter of an actor mother and celebrity lawyer father. After experiencing anti-Semitism, she left for Australia in 1958 at the age of nineteen. After studying arts at the University of Sydney, she arrived in Canberra in 1968 […]

Verity La Poetry Podcast

Episode 8: Tricia Dearborn

In this edition of the Verity La Poetry Podcast Michele Seminara chats with Tricia Dearborn about the many poems of hers we’ve published over the past few years including ‘I text you a photo of my knitting‘, The Change: Some notes from the field and The running doll. We also hear how Tricia’s new book Autobiochemistry […]

Black Wallaby (Ngana Banggarai): Emerging Indigenous Writers' Project

OCHRE LINES: Us Mob Writing (Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Samantha Faulkner and Lisa Fuller)

(Edited by Phillip Hall)  Kerry Reed Gilbert Through the looking glass Creation surrounds me As I walk upon hallowed land Red dirt claims me The sun burns brightly on my back Through the looking glass I see me I am withered My body bent too tired to walk straight My hands like stumps of a […]

Discoursing Diaspora

FREE POETRY (Janet Galbraith and Writing Through Fences)

ABOUT FREE POETRY Writing Through Fences is a group made up of writers and artists who are, or have been, detained in Australia’s immigration detention prisons, along with others who work to amplify and support those detained. We first came across the Free Poetry Project when Eunice Andrada, poet and arts organiser, invited us to […]

from the vault

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