Cheep Cheep (David Adès)

Maybe all the pin-downable things have been pinned, framed on walls like a collector’s set of old butterflies, and we can all regress now in a stew of ancient enmities, terrorists and politicians leading the way. Let’s rid ourselves of every stupid veneer, abandon the futile attempt at elevation and get back to the pit, […]


Sydney International Women’s Poetry & Arts Festival 2016

Sydney International Women’s Poetry & Arts Festival joins with the Women Poets International Movement (MPI) for the third year in a row to bring the Woman Scream Festival 2016 to Sydney. The Festival will take place at NSW Parliament House on March 16, 5:30-9:30pm.  One of the major feminist festivals in Sydney, the International Women’s Poetry […]

Book Extracts, Heightened Talk

Matt & Tess in the Wild Weather: Poems by Les Wicks

Matt in The Wild Weather My Summer sits in silence. She wears this pet name like I have the power to give it, Tess is rolling familiar smoke I query if all this is certain to be seasonal. She giggles when I put on Creedence Who’ll Stop the Rain, reckon we’ll make out but she’s […]

Black Wallaby (Ngana Banggarai): Emerging Indigenous Writers' Project

Mr In-between (Brian Young) & The Straight Road Story
(Namall Manu)

Mr In-between by Brian Young (edited by Phillip Hall) White trash, black trash, that in-between one brown one trash You tell me, what fuck am I??!!! Might have been stolen one, hobble-chained or massacred one Run up the flag pole and spat on one But I am white trash, black trash, that in-between one brown […]

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