In this edition of the Verity La Poetry Podcast Alice Allan chats with David Adès about US poet W. S. Merwin along with David’s time spent in the Pittsburgh poetry community, coming back to Sydney, the role of editors and his poem The Bridge I Must Walk Across. Missed our earlier episodes? Listen here! ____________________________________________________________ […]

Lies To Live By

These Things I Know
(K W George)

I know things about this man. I first met him seventeen years ago when he removed a BCC from the right side of my forehead. That time I had staples in my head, a row of them under my hair glinting in the light. Then I met him again five years later when he excised […]

Discoursing Diaspora, Heightened Talk

The Dilemma of Job, or Hope into the Wilderness (henry 7 reneau, jr)

The Great Migration is the parable of dispossession pursuing a Northern star. Leaving rock-salted sorrow to come to terms with dignity deferred. Leaving hate, too long in place, that had tread over Jim Crow crippled bodies, that had taken without asking, & mayhem-ed. Leaving, with no pot to piss in. They filed from rural patches […]

Heightened Talk

Portrait of a Departed Lady
(Amanda Anastasi)

Funeral plans: a wall crypt underneath her mother’s; pink roses on the pew ends. A house-size increase upon the exodus of children, husband, friends, dissention. Her disdain for the coverings of foreigners, unusual hairstyles, childless women. The mismatched furniture, each piece never appearing to belong in the room. The cupboards filled to the flimsy doors […]

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