O ANIMUS (Annie Blake)

I didn’t want anything more. In the little aboriginal house, the shower fell with the cup of water that was evenly distributed. I wanted you there. You were there. Our mouths eating the sun and the jungles and the monsoon rains pouring over us. The skies were clean. They are windows. The leaves are green — […]

Verity La Poetry Podcast

Verity La Poetry Podcast
Episode 2: Ian McBryde

In this month’s Verity La Poetry Podcast, poetry editor Robbie Coburn and Alice Allan talk with Ian McBryde about his poems ‘Orchid’ and ‘Serpentine’, his book Slivers and his upcoming new and selected collection, We the Mapless. We also cover Ian’s writing process, his influences and the subject matter he works with. When Ferlinghetti comes up, we […]

Heightened Talk

Carolina (Greg McLaren)

Shogun from Royal Headache, in the clip for Carolina, hawked and spat out of their monochrome practice room into colour Petersham — Fed Era red brick Reg Mombasa through Sydney Long or Sophie Steffanoni — and he tears right across it — dances a junk trolley past Oxford Street, circumambulates the water tower, its shade, […]

Heightened Talk

Your Writing Tastes Like Blood (Gemma Ann White)

(For Robbie Coburn) Sacrificial. Long stroke of metal across your chest. Caged. Hot-toed animal wanting to escape. Fear. Incriminating as the first monthly bleed. Gone. Mind so very far from the body. Drifting. To newer places with plastic trees. Waterlogged. Thought gives out and the instrument takes over. Fuck. Get out of this one without […]

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