What Lies at the Core of a Successful Family: Nigel Featherstone’s The Beach Volcano

Review by Amanda Hickey The Albury family of Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay are about money and social standing, and although they appear prickly and self-absorbed, it is the father’s eightieth birthday celebration, so they are coming together in their grand harbourside house, determined to make it a good show. The Beach Volcano by Goulburn author Nigel […]

Heightened Talk

Art of Deconstruction
(Julie Maclean)

Such a little room line by line to keep my honeyeaters in Walls held by feather and spit If I feed them enough I will be reborn able to hold on And soon they feed all day and I get bored sick stuck at the sink in my big house making meals that keep them […]

Lies To Live By

Daddy and Arnold
(Charles Bane, Jr.)

I can tell you this because my father’s gone. I was lawyering in Chicago when I got a phone call that my Dad was dying. The caller told me that my father was afraid I would put him in a hospital and not let him die in his own bed. I wouldn’t have done that, […]

Heightened Talk

for the Borroloola mob
(Phillip Gijindarraji Hall)

In my troopie dodging dogs, ditches and broken bikes I’m at a camp of concrete blocks, crushed soft drink cans and verandas strewn with mattresses: here each building’s bound to a street front white-and-blue steel sign a corporatised prescription ‘No Liquor, No Pornography’ and scratched ‘munanga on you’: hey jigga, Malbu leans in close let’s […]

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