Efficiency (Chelsea Avard)

Edited by Omar J. Sakr  Monday. Eleven PM. Time to sleep. Today has gone well. As close to perfect as any flawed day can go. And all the days are flawed. Even the amazing ones, even the ones that are off the charts incredible when I feel capable of all the things – flight, space […]

Lighthouse Yarns

SONGS OF TRUTH AND PASSION: an interview with John Stokes

In Canberra, among the crowds at a poetry event (indeed any kind of literary happening) there is likely to be a man, a particular man, who goes about his business with such goodness and grace. He is John Stokes, and he is worth listening to. According to his biographical statement, Stokes has lived long stints […]

Heightened Talk

The Special (David Stavanger)

the Psychiatrist the Psychiatrist can sign you away the Psychiatrist can give you a script or several pills depending on the diagnosis pills to start having an erection again pills to stop obsessive thoughts and irrational beliefs such as the world is going to end or the sink is dirty like a big wet asshole […]

Heightened Talk

The Flu Hour (Douglas Luman)

  At the note of an owl’s hoot,  a field  mouse  is  made  into  a  packet for its suffering. &  here I set  to  nonsense,  boiling  a  house  worth of   barley,   knowing   a   kidney’s   grip.  The  trouble,   honesty    & prepositions; when a fox’s kin is suddenly lifted from […]

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