LOVE, CHOOKS, AND SOLITUDE: an interview with Nigel Featherstone

Nigel Featherstone has been our brave leader at Verity La for the past four and a half years, and in that time has published and promoted the work of numerous established, as well as emerging and marginalised, writers. Humble by nature, he has rarely drawn attention to his own achievements, and yet there have been […]

Arrests of Attention

Summer Noir (Carmel Byrne)

Images from ‘Census‘, an exhibition of Instagram photographs from around Sydney’s Inner West, showing at Scratch Art Space, 11 – 24 December, 2014.

Lies To Live By

Our Lady Godiva
(Laura McPhee-Browne)  

I was the kind of kid who made it hard for people to like me. That’s what my dad always said, to my face in front of any old person on the street, and on the phone when he knew I could hear and when he didn’t. ‘Doesn’t know when to stop,’ he’d say, ‘isn’t […]

Heightened Talk

two horse race (Ashley Capes)

whenever I catch a glimpse of them warming up for another round of backchat I feel all the politics run out of me i n cartoon speech bubbles filled with Z’s and I swear my tongue is now covered i n revolutionary posters I add moustaches and generous splashes of red to them I see […]

from the vault