Schlafwagen und Wunderkammer (Richard James Allen)

(‘Schlafwagen und Wunderkammer’ is German for ‘sleeper’ or ‘sleeping car’ and ‘cabinet of curiosities’ or ‘wonder room’) you are on the night train to Vienna and you have already arrived in Berlin you are about to walk home in Sydney and you must dash back out to see the play that is now more popular than […]

Discoursing Diaspora

Discoursing Diaspora

It’s International Diversity Day and at Verity La we’re taking this opportunity to announce our Discoursing Diaspora writing and arts project. International Diversity Day (also known as World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development) is a United Nations sanctioned holiday celebrated on 21 May worldwide. It aims to foster community understanding of the value of cultural diversity […]

Arrest of Attention

Writing from Awe
(Anne Walsh)

Ice Breaker I step onto ice I know will break but sometime it has to. It is spring you know, my rightful Serval narcissus, it would be to my advantage for you to take advantage. I’ll be pliable resistance. Warm ice. And have to hold onto you. Like I held onto your open white shirt […]

Verity La Reviews

Parts of An Enticing, Profit-less Whole: Finlay Lloyd’s Smalls

Review by Nigel Featherstone It is a widely held view that the publishing industry is currently going through a rough patch. Or, to put it more dramatically, it is in the fight for its life. Amazon, the Global Financial Crisis, and e-books are considered the body-blows from which the industry might not recover. And then […]

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