Episode 3: PS Cottier

Alice and Michele get straight into it with Canberra-based poet PS Cottier. Does entering and judging literary competitions put you on a special level of Dante’s Inferno? Is there a hierarchy of poets and poetry? And why do so many poets succumb to writing ‘misty cow poetry’? Penelope reads her poem from Plumwood Mountain, Reading the Frog […]

Heightened Talk

The Incandescent (Chris Lynch)

And you. When you saunter in, glowing like a tomboy, blue as a blowtorch and blazing. Made of glass you would shatter, but born of fire you can burn, like some fierce feathered creature gently pouring some wine. Standing this close I can feel all your doubts. Am with you, through them. Let my loose […]

Discoursing Diaspora

Poems by Juan Garrido-Salgado and Ariel Riveros Pavez

(edited by Ramon Loyola)  Changing Places to Sleep Not for Political/Security Reasons After the Reading at Sappho Last Night (Juan Garrido-Salgado) To Beth Spencer and Claudia Taranto I It was a cold and wonderful night to catch up with poets. A long conversation with Stuart Cooke on Pablo de Rokha & Nicanor Parra. A conversation on […]

Heightened Talk

Love Song (Sandra Renew)

beneath her scarf, her honour— everything lowers to its haunches, puffs out its cheeks vulnerable to reality even hope sinks. I would blow my hope alive with my last breath but what pulls us and holds us together is neither cement, nor clay, nor consoling comfort—   when her father and brothers come knocking even […]

from the vault

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