Thy poetry and thy pathos—
all so strange! (PS Cottier)

The found poem hates the way the egregious disruptions of fashion have shaped his hideous form; a misshapen picaresque, he lurches. He is angry as blackbirds in a pie croaking of their wonderful fortune to be mere ingredients, gimmicks, encased in another’s recipe. Found poem finds himself quite unsatisfactory. Gone all lovely fantasies, the shimmy […]

Verity La Reviews

A Monster Mash of Genres:
Lloyd Shepherd's The English Monster

Review by Robert Goodman At first blush The English Monster comes across as yet another historical criminal procedural. These are crime genre novels set in a historical era and usually full of anachronisms. Often the protagonist is the first of his (or her) kind to start to use a more modern forensic approach to solving […]

Heightened Talk

ThE IncreDible ChariSma SuckiNg MOnster (Mark William Jackson)

the incredible charisma sucking monster wrapped its plastic lips around a cock in the hen house lending its life against future promises this is for your now it said but kiss me tomorrow when the sun hits its heights and flares its blinding heavens so much that you lock your eyes for fear of visions […]

Lighthouse Yarns

IN LOVE WITH STRANGENESS AND SURPRISES – an interview with Walter Mason

There are those in the writing world who’d sell their grandmother to move forward. Then there’s Walter Mason, who, despite being a well-published author of travel memoir and highly regarded public speaker and teacher, is one of the most generous people you’re likely to meet. Paraphrasing outrageously from his bio, Mason spent his childhood in […]

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