Breathing Machine: a memoir stopped here (Carol Major)

In December 1999 the earth spun toward a great shadow marking the end of a millennium and those who relied on mechanical timekeeping began to stack tinned goods into cupboards, terrified the world as we knew it might end. But I have never been concerned about storing food. Instead I helped my disabled daughter move […]

Heightened Talk

Come inside (Saddiq Dzukogi)

A Small Bridge My body becomes a room no one lives in while I wait to read it to myself at the courtyard, standing before a plant wrapped in my stare lips on a yellowing leaf caught in the jazz of branches, I swim through the lingering chlorophyll of a fading tree, leaking a brackish […]

Lies To Live By

The Black War Thesis
(David Thomas Henry Wright)

‘This is clearly an important subject, but – and I don’t mean to be rude – why does your particular project matter?’ asked Professor McCombe, the Associate Dean of the School of Humanities. Her fluorescent-purple glasses, skunk-like streaks, and ludicrous dotted dress did nothing to compromise her authority; her stare made Verity sweat. ‘That’s a […]

Clozapine Clinic — The Frater Project

Mr. Hyde’s Lament (Beth Gordon)

Mr. Hyde’s Lament I survived radiation poisoning, religious crimes, crawled from under a rock to weather paperwork the consistency of thickly polluted waves, learned to swim with seeping wounds, learned it is always better to travel by water than by land. Learned that if something rises in the back of my throat, it means the […]

from the vault

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