And there we have it, folks! It’s the end of another publishing year for Verity La – and what a year it’s been! We’ve published close to one hundred poems, stories, artworks, interviews, editorials and reviews. We’ve established some important and innovative projects such as Discoursing Diaspora, Clozapine Clinic, and of course, our beloved Poetry […]

Heightened Talk

Winter (K W George)

A man in a black suit on a white windswept beach. Wind snatching an umbrella, turning it into a batwing. Hands so cold and trembling fingers don’t work. Tingly feeling when you’re getting the flu and lying limply on the sofa, the dog’s wet nose nuzzling your palm. The stillness of the house on the […]

Lighthouse Yarns

MODERNITY & INEXPERIENCE: an interview with Anthony Macris

There are trends in publishing, that is undeniable, but some writers refuse to do anything other than go their own way. Enter Anthony Macris. Macris is an Australian writer and Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Technology, Sydney. His first novel in the Capital series, Capital, Volume One, won him a listing […]

Discoursing Diaspora

(Mark William Jackson, Angelene Karas and Eunice Andrada)

(edited by Ramon Loyola & Michele Seminara) Proof of Life   By Mark William Jackson If asked for proof of identity I can pull a card from my sacred wallet that lists a name, address & birthdate. But in too many stretches, if you seek proof of life, search their souls to find the holes […]

from the vault

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