(Angela Gardner)

Monkey king stretches his four hands out to the sun love and desire his radiant avenue. Nothing goes through this fire :the huge expanse, cramping his hands for the monsters. Above, feathered clouds and angels vomit blood. He covers his mouth. Rivers form to flood the broken bodies. The youngest says in my secret pretend, when […]

Discoursing Diaspora

Black Wire (Kushal Poddar)

Black wire swirls the blade of the sun on blue. Isolation is sweaty. Isolation is hot. Smell of frying fish permeates the sphere. Sphere is small. Sphere is caged in doubts. My daughter crafts a snail necklace. I hook its ends at the back of my love’s neck. A hundred eyes watch me unzip emotion. […]

Lies To Live By


You were nine years old you when you woke to find the dentist kissing your penis.             Only he would know the extent of the activities that went on while you were under, as you never asked.             Primarily now you looked back on your years at school as being defined by a strong appreciation of history, […]

Heightened Talk

Elevation (Ode to Frisco)
(Emily Brugman)

In the Tenderloin              A man with bloodied foot Yelled that middle class women Outside Amoeba Your mum — visiting for three weeks              Stepped on a human shit                            And it was entertaining For the guy selling the Streetsheet That was before we bought Towns Van Zandt’s record              And remembered to talk About the sweetness of springtime                            Every […]

from the vault

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