of home and other closely guarded things (Justine Poon)

grandmother. dawn begins a golden thread circling the dark earth and coils us back from dreams like deep sea divers inside diving bells                                                 breaching surface, breath-fog                                                                         clearing from the glass,                                                                             dripping off                                                         water and sense memory – my sticky skin in summer, the fan moving teeming currents of odour – food, motors, hot and desperate […]

Lighthouse Yarns, Novel Excerpts

Unearthing Hidden Histories: an interview with Claire G Coleman

Born in Western Australia, Indigenous author Claire G Coleman was raised in a Forestry’s settlement outside of Perth and identifies with the South Coast Noongar people, as well as having family ties to the Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe areas. Coleman rose to prominence after winning the Queensland State Library’s prestigious black&write! Fellowship for the bold and […]

Lies To Live By

Arsehole Jam (Caitlin Farrugia)

(edited by Michelle McLaren) ‘Sometimes raspberry jam tastes like arsehole.’ Margaret crumples her facial features into the middle of her head and places the condiment knife down on the picnic rug. It stains the eggshell white cloth with a sticky smear of burgundy. ‘Did you spend a lot of time licking arsehole when you were […]

Arrests of Attention, Heightened Talk

Glossopteris (Sophie Finlay)

bands of earth etch the transantarctic ranges cold geological burials we are linked through the exoskeletal — cambrian shells coil, mineralised bodies, the trilobite and then there is glossopteris — the unremarkable permian tongue — (found on dead explorers) that mapped the world’s temporality when deciduous forests spanned continents now dredged fossilised sunlight fuels consumption antarctica pours its […]

from the vault

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