The change: some notes from the field (Tricia Dearborn)

Perimenopause as a chance to get a few things off my mother’s chest my mother and I are not alike in temperament or constitution though at twelve she told me (ruefully) I had her thighs and at sixteen a stranger in a shop spoke my mother’s maiden name asked was I her daughter why do […]

Arrests of Attention

Head Space (Jim Tsinganos)

____________________________________________________________ Jim Tsinganos was born in Peterborough, South Australia in 1964. He received a Bachelor of Design specialising in illustration from the Underdale campus of the South Australian College of Arts and Education (now UNISA). He has participated in countless exhibitions — both group and solo shows — nationally and internationally and has been commissioned and […]

Heightened Talk

Do you come here often?
(Melinda Smith)

Sydney, you flirt, you sandstone blonde with your wide blue eyes, your fringes of come-hither frangipani, your swizzle-stick palms, your blinding white mast-thickets bristling in the little bays. Perched on your towering glassmetal barstool, you apply your dainty suction to a series of cocktail straws, draining artery after artery. There are always more bodies pressing […]

Heightened Talk

24-hour prayer cycle
(Penny O’Hara)

For the commuters facing long delays and for the woman raped, allegedly, whose breasts were checked for DNA and for the one year old whose brain was rattled like a marble in a jar and for the grandmother who shook her and for the child whose teacher took him on his lap And for the […]

from the vault

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