(Mark William Jackson)

(Edited by Stuart Barnes)   once I bought a box of matches because someone said it was art but regardless of what you call it it’s a box of firesticks & its potential could explode society I could set fire to the libraries follow Marinetti’s path or burn all the boudoirs to silence Lautrec’s muses […]

Verity La Reviews

Species, Specimens and Stuffing: Kristin Hannaford’s Curio

Review by Benjamin Dodds Increasingly viewed today as kitsch and ‘creepy’ — a lazy, catch-all expression — taxidermy was once regarded as equal parts art and science. Before photography, the only way for urban dwellers to experience exotic fauna — apart from in zoos, which were few — was through the medium of taxidermy. As […]

Black Wallaby (Ngana Banggarai): Emerging Indigenous Writers' Project

Taxi! (Brenda Saunders)
Transformative Progress
(Barbara Nicholson)

Taxi! by Brenda Saunders I met her at the lights with six plastic bags Food bought at Woollies           with a Salvo’s card making for the taxis on Pitt and Park Black and proud. She’s used to cabs Never mentions high-rise                              The Block or Waterloo Asks the driver first in line ‘Are you free? Can you […]

Lies To Live By

Efficiency (Chelsea Avard)

Edited by Omar J. Sakr  Monday. Eleven PM. Time to sleep. Today has gone well. As close to perfect as any flawed day can go. And all the days are flawed. Even the amazing ones, even the ones that are off the charts incredible when I feel capable of all the things – flight, space […]

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