TRUTH IN THE CAGE (Mohammad Ali Maleki)

You can find my whole life in my poems like a letter to God —Mohammad Ali Maleki Translated by Manus Island detainee Mansour Shoushtari  Edited by Michele Seminara and Marilyn Beech A Dream of Death My dears, I know these are stories are old: but please, I ask you, listen. I was once young and […]

Heightened Talk

family portrait (Dave Drayton)

  at first we were individual laugh at a cherub flashing gang signals so young that an assistant had to fold & knot those chubby thighs cross-legged but once the count can or is stop/ped                                     the tubes are tied        the sheets of Vagifem                                                                             and Cenestin emptied                                                                             into pillboxes it’s time to assemble the ranks in uniform […]

Out of Limbo

The Chrome Pony (Scout Fisher)

It’s easy to question your sexuality when you wake up for your morning piss and have to clean the glitter out of your foreskin. Or when sequined dresses give you a hard-on. Mum rang the other day to ask which shade of foundation best matched her peacock blue eyeliner. I told her shell-beige and then […]

Lies To Live By

Sanctuary (Linda Godfrey)

Sticking out of the grey and white choppy water are four grey and white shapes. Not waves; they don’t break and roll to the shore. It has to be more than water. ‘What are they?’ I can’t work it out. They look like paddles. Marcella shrugs. We are sitting in the front room of my […]

from the vault

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