The Sleepwalker (Justin Lowe)

on the tacit understanding that you will not repeat this to anyone, Artemis walked with me for a while, in the early days when the fire still burned. dust and dogs and the drone of some distant war could not deter me. I was all sinew then, my measurements were as constant as my convictions. […]

Lies To Live By

Frowny Face (Shannon Burns)

(Edited by Omar J. Sakr) Mother died today. I got an email. It said, mother passed away funeral tomorrow yours.              I thought: Mine?              Am I dead too?              So here I sit, in my office, reading emails, having thoughts like: Am I dead too? On the very day mother died.              Having forgotten to mention the frowny […]

Heightened Talk

Extracts From a Liar’s Notebook (David Adès)

If you tell the lie, tell it slant but with a direct gaze, with utter conviction, tell it as if you believe it is truth, again and again – and in the telling watch it transform, watch it become truth, become certainty, immutable, as if it were never other, and in this way fool most […]

Heightened Talk

Orison for Sheet Music Stores
in the American Mid-West
(Gregory Horne)

after Kurt Sepmeier’s reading of Michael Drayton’s ‘Since There’s No Help’ * The gasp ‘last!’ long-distance-wise largely because of our situations, po- tentially we knew it was futile and all reasonings were diminished, we became New Mexico and Chicago respectively; we finally stopped talking. Since there’s no hope, I will turn to the recorder, when […]

from the vault

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