fuel oxygen ignition
(Alice Allan)

you’ve mellowed quite a bit your tinsel compliment years on a night in the country all grown up and accessorised standing under a floodlight auditioning hundreds of winged hopefuls flinging themselves at the whitegold centre you point to the real moon heaving over the dark sill of the range and I say that’s not the […]

Novel Excerpts

Darlinghurst Nights
(Meera Atkinson)

The nights grew hotter and the air faintly sugary. Luna sensed a man just out of range. She waited. And while she waited, she read books from the library, sometimes through the night, and she wrote every few hours in her diary; impressions, stories, snippets of songs or the poems of others, the tentative beginnings […]

Heightened Talk

Greek Summer
(Nathanael O'Reilly)

For Tricia On the road from Patras to Corinth, I piss in petrol station toilets paved with marble, eat lamb, potatoes, tomatoes and feta, break bread worthy of dreams. In Delphi, an orthodox priest stands in an empty street smoking a cigarette, waiting for a funeral to begin. I chat with hotel workers in English, […]

Heightened Talk

Carrying an injury
(P.S. Cottier)

He cradles it, tender as any Mary ever caught in stained-glass web. Injury does not scream, but purrs, a kitten formed from bandages, rocked in the player’s embrace. Tender as ligaments, the royal, swaddled bruise sucks in attention like a tick. It is familiar with media scrums crooning their avid concern, and its lullaby is […]

from the vault

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