Lyricism, Imagination and Vigour: Michelle Cahill’s The Herring Lass (Reviewed by Ben Hession)

(Edited by Robyn Cadwallader) It has been a long time between poetry collections for Michelle Cahill, but her latest, The Herring Lass, proves the wait has been worth it, with a range of poems that mix elements of taut, strong lyricism, imagination and intellectual vigour. The Herring Lass is Cahill’s third full length collection, appearing just […]

Heightened Talk

White Noise (Beth Spencer)

those clouds I could almost    touch and the tickety-tick of talk at ten-thousand ‘tea? tea? tea?’ the steward mows down the aisle spoons clinking    paper on screens a new coal mine    the boats pushed back we tuck in our    elbows and knees mind our business hurtle on    in stillness until […]

Book Extracts, Heightened Talk

Poems From Glasshouses
(Stuart Barnes/Leigh Backhouse)

ENDONE® Oxycodone hydrochloride 5 mg Blister-white tablet engraved with ‘ENDONE’ on one side, break bar the other. It does not take the place of your doctor or pharmacist: opium or morphine: Accident or Emergency. Store it below ground, above ground, in an unlocked cupboard. Store it in the bathroom, store it near the sink. Leave […]

Book Extracts, Lies To Live By

SIX WEEKS – The Summer of 2006 (khulud khamis)

Nairouz, a Palestinian woman from Haifa in her 40s, has to make room in her too-busy life, to care for her disabled mother for six weeks, when the Second Lebabon War breaks in July of 2006. The novel follows her life during six hectic weeks, as she negotiates between her two children, academic career, activism, […]

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